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What Is the Best Position to Deliver a Prostate Massage?

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Prostate massage is a procedure that helps to mitigate symptoms of multiple medical conditions related to the prostate gland. This is why many people would like to learn how to give prostate massage and do it semi-professionally. While some may not believe it, performing a prostate massage is not that hard. You absolutely don’t have to be a medical expert to give an effective male prostate massage.

One of the most important aspects of prostate massage is understating some nuances and picking the right position to reach the gland reliably and easily is very important. While there are various positions that can be utilized, some of them are more effective than others depending on how exactly and with what equipment the massage session is being performed. Men’s prostate massage is not a very complicated process, but practice makes perfect and even the simplest of procedures can be perfected.

Prostate massage position

Some of the Most Convenient Positions

The most appropriate pose should be selected based on what circumstances surround the process. We will suggest optimal positions for specific situations below.

  • Together with a partner. It is generally recommended to ask a partner to help with prostate massage in order to reliably reach the gland and avoid traumas. When you have someone to help you out, the most comfortable position would be laying on your back with legs spread out and slightly raised. Such a position will allow you to not waste energy on standing in an uncomfortable position and allow your partner to reach the gland easily.
  • When alone without an instrument. If you do not use a special device and rely solely on your hands or homemade extenders, the most preferable position is crouching on all four. While it is harder to stand in this position for a long time, the vast majority of men find it easier to insert the instrument inside the rectum and locate the gland in this pose.
  • When alone and with a special massager. There are specialized devices that are designed to reach the gland reliably. These devices are designed based on human anatomy. Many of them allow to use them in the most comfortable positions including sitting on your knees or laying on your back. Many men prefer to use such devices and masturbate in order to reach sexual satisfaction quicker while also removing excess semen from the gland reliably and quickly.
  • Together with a partner and using no instruments. Your partner will be able to reach the gland easier if you crouch on all four and lean against something (a pillow would work) with your abdomen. In this position the gland will be forced against the wall of the intestine and it will be easier for your partner to reach it just with their hands.

Regardless of which position you will find the most comfortable, we want you to remember that using a special massage device will most certainly ease the process in all scenarios. Be sure to use sex toys and specialized devices to make each prostate massage session as resultative and enjoyable as possible.


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