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Top 5 Tips to Keep Your Prostate Healthy!

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One of my biggest concerns when I was younger was benign prostate hyperplasia. My father got his symptoms of BPH quite early when he was in the middle of his 30s. Me being younger prevented me from understanding what issues haunted my dad, but as I grew older I started thinking about his symptoms, his nocturia and inability to watch a movie in one sitting, and other unpleasant symptoms that I would rather try to avoid. I still don’t have any issues and I’m past the age when my dad started experiencing his problems.

I do understand that some of my recommendations start feeling somewhat redundant, but repetition is an intentional flaw. Some things that have to be in your life in order to make your healthier and happier, there is simply no way around. You have to eat healthy food, you must exercise regularly, and you have to take your body seriously.

However, now we will focus on another aspect of BPH prevention – prostate supplements. There is a wide range of drugs that are available in the market. I won’t focus on each and every prostate supplement that you can buy online. There will be a whole series of talks about drugs that I personally tested and/or think can help. Right now, I will try to give you several general tips that will help you to seamlessly integrate prostate supplements in your life.

Tip #1. Be Systematic.

Many men are quite lazy when it comes to looking after their own bodies. This is something that I personally can’t understand. My number 1 tip: get rid of the procrastinator that sits inside you. Get up and start changing your life if you don’t want to get benign prostate hyperplasia in your early 30s. There are various prostate supplements available in the market. Some of them are more effective than others. However, the first and foremost factor is not the efficiency of the drugs, but your own desire to make your life better.

A systematic approach to implementing supplements in your life is a necessity. You need to create a schedule and follow it up with consistent intakes of supplements. It’s useless to start a course and then drop it in the middle. Starting it again 2 weeks later is fruitless. An incoherent treatment course is just a waste of time and money.

I strongly recommend you to overwhelm your laziness, make a plan and then follow it responsibly. Taking 2 pills per day is quite easy. Just don’t forget about them and remember that these 2 pills will change your life, but only if you take them daily and for a long time.

Tip #2. Avoid annoying advertising.

E-mails with brochures, click-baiting articles on the internet, and flash-banners that irritate with blinking slogans and pictures. These things cannot be described with the word “acceptable”. They are truly annoying. At the same time, these advertisements often promote a specific drug that could help you “on paper”, but in reality has “zero effect” ingredients that neither help nor harm your body. Essentially, the vast majority of prostate supplements is fakes.

Nonetheless, effective drugs do exist and they usually contain ingredients that are known to non-conventional medicine for decades. When a drug has Saw Palmetto, pumpkin seeds, plantago, and other herbs that have been studied by pharmacologists for centuries, you should not worry about its effectiveness. Our ancestors successfully used them for thousands of years, you will definitely feel at least minor improvements.

Instead of purchasing new miraculous medications developed in evil labs all over the world, try out supplements that are based on natural ingredients like aforementioned Saw Palmetto, Nettle roots, Plantago, and African Cherry. These plants are essential parts of Chinese, Arabian, and Japanese medicine. They consistently appear in Ayurveda texts.

Tip #3. Supplement, not substitute.

It is very important to understand that prostate supplements are only additives to your main treatment course. Younger men can take prostate supplements to postpone BPH, but it is not necessary if they follow a strict exercise regimen and eat healthily. However, men with minor urination problems and early manifestations of BPH should be aware of prostate supplements and actively incorporate them in their treatment plans.

The vast majority of supplements are based on herbs and plants that can assist your body to reduce inflammation in the gland or calm down your bladder at nights. However, the prostate gland itself will still grow. The most commonly used countermeasure is an efficient alpha-blocker. Alpha-blockers are drugs that are reduce the size of the gland and relieve symptoms in the long run. Prostate supplements will help to enhance the symptomatic treatment while special drugs like alpha-blockers address the root of the problem.

Tip #4. Take a holistic approach.

Don’t think that your issues will magically disappear at the moment you start taking alpha-blockers and take a pill of a prostate supplement each day. Your treatment strategy should be broader and much more diverse than that. A holistic approach means combining being systemic and systematic. This means that you need to “attack” the issue on all fronts and do it with determination.

  1. Attacking on all fronts means that you must change your life. Start eating more soy and wheat protein instead of consuming red meat. Get yourself together and use your evenings for walking and working out. Incorporate in your intimate routines regular prostate massage sessions. Make sure that you address the issue with a complex of measures.
  2. Being systematic means scheduled approach to the treatment plan. Keep to your schedule. If you decided to run a mile per day, do it. If you must take 2 pills of drugs daily, don’t miss your next dose! It highly important to understand that any treatment is a routine and it can be efficient only as a routine. There is not magic behind treatment. However, there is a system.

Tip #5. Be flexible.

This is important for men that want to achieve significant results instead of just inhibiting existing symptoms. Alpha-blockers combined with minor dosages of tadalfil-based medications can help in reducing the size of the prostate gland while maintaining your ability to achieve strong maintainable erection. This will make you a better lover and a healthier man. There are other combinations of drugs that can be effective. Consult with your doctor to find the most efficient strategy.

When it comes to prostate supplements, your freedom of choice can seem overwhelming. There are many different medications that you can choose from. Choosing the right approach is what will make your therapy truly resultative in the long run. Try out different supplements, combine them, and be open to suggestions. While messing with prescribed drugs can be dangerous, there is no danger in mixing different supplements together as long as they don’t conflict with your main treatment course.

Try different combinations of drugs and make slight adjustments monthly to choose the right dosage and the best effect. You can experiment regularly with dosages and drug sets. Add some elements of phytotherapy. Despite being a skeptic when it comes to Ayurveda, I would still recommend trying some things recommended by Indian MDs. Just be flexible!

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