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6 Tips to Prevent Prostatitis! Learn How to Stay Healthy!

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As stated before multiple times, all men at some point of their lives struggle with prostate problems. In some cases, it is something as mild and fairly harmless as benign prostate hyperplasia. In some cases, it is a menacing threat of an immediate damage to your organism due to abscess caused by a severe infection. There are various issues that we, men, should be aware of and try to prevent.

Preemptive therapy for prostatitis is not the hardest thing in the world. In fact, there is only a handful of tips that we can give you. This condition is fairly consistently caused by other issues like BPH, UTIs, and/or bacterial invasions started during a biopsy. This means that living healthily, cleanly, and trying to postpone the enlargement of the prostate gland are your most obvious ways to prevent prostatitis.

Tip #1. Hygiene is crucial.

Some bacterial invasions start simply because we forgot to wash our hands or ate a dirty fruit. Granted, acute bacterial prostate rarely starts from a more direct type of invasion, but trying to avoid any means of consuming hostile microorganisms is generally a good idea. Some infectious organisms can infiltrate your body through the penis or even rectum, especially if the tissues in the rectum are damaged.

Let’s sum up some rules for hygiene:

  • Intimate hygiene is imperative – wash your genitals daily, remove leftovers of urine after you visit a toilet;
  • Avoid using unclean public toilets and bathrooms, try to clean your own utility rooms as well as possible;
  • All biopsies should be performed with sterile instruments;
  • Eat clean and well cooked food to avoid bacterial invasions.

It is highly important to protect your body from unwanted “guests”. This is generally a good thing for your health. However, this is also crucial for preventing bacterial types of prostatitis.

Tip #2. Look after your UT.

Urinary system is a complex of organs that is responsible for removing toxins and undesired liquids from your body. Now, this is a crucial bit of information that this liquid contains toxins, filtered off biomass, and lots of other things that your body does not want inside. When these things stay for a long period of time, infections and inflammations are inevitable. On top of that, these things can easily form small rocks and pebbles that will stuck in your bladder.

Making sure that urinary tract is clean and not vulnerable to various infections is highly important. The blockage of the tract often happens due to squeezing from a growing prostate gland. Benign prostate hyperplasia is one of the most common causes of problems with urination.

Tip #3. Treat BPH.

Preventing prostatitis of a chronic and asymptomatic nature is related to the treatment of benign prostate hyperplasia. While chronic prostatitis and CPPS are often caused by a variety of factors and by BPH as well, asymptomatic type basically means that your prostate gland has grown beyond acceptable and should be treated. Asymptomatic prostatitis often means that you have cancer.

Treating PBH is quite a complicated matter as described in one of the articles before. However, some general advices can be suggested:

  • Eat healthily and try to avoid too much protein in your diet;
  • Do your daily prostate massage sessions;
  • Take alpha blockers as a preventive measure;
  • Check the condition of the gland via palpation as often as possible.

These are simple ways to keep track of the condition of the prostate gland. Note that when you have any symptoms of BPH, your bladder is vulnerable to all kinds of UTIs, so make sure to visit your doctor regularly and report about all new symptoms as they appear.

Tip #4. Herbal medicine.

Eating well means doing well! However, you can certainly help your organism with preventing prostatitis by adding some herbs to your ration. There is a rich variety of natural ingredients that can be used to make a nice warm herbal tea that can help you from preventing inflammations and avoid bacterial invasions.

It is common to use the following when having issues with the prostate gland:

  • Bearberries, goldenseal, Echinacea, flower pollen – these are “European” herbs;
  • Cranberry, saw palmetto – these are more “American”;
  • Rhubard, aristolochia stem, knotgrass, licorice root – these are often used by Chinese herbalists.

Just adding some of these to the tea and drinking them daily can help in reducing chances of inflammation and make your body less vulnerable to bacterial invasions.

Tip #5. Try to be happy!

Stresses and anxiety are proven to be playing a huge part in the progress of prostatitis. Our emotional and psychological conditions affect the way we produce hormones that can definitely make CP and CPPS more likely to occur. The latest studies revealed that the nature of CP and CPPS is mostly hormonal and bacterial invasions do not cause this exact issue.

The modern look at the issue suggests that men with behavioral, psychological, and neurological disorders are more likely to have CPPS. This happens due to the fact that pelvic tissues automatically tense whenever you are under stress. A variety of metabolic and hormonal disorders may also affect the way your prostate grows.

Avoiding stresses and living a calm life can drastically postpone the moment when your will be diagnosed with CP or CPPS. Avoiding stress-inducing environments is strongly recommended.

Tip #6. Move to warmer region!

Cold climate is one of the most common environmental reasons of prostatitis. The etiology of the issue often includes being exposed to low temperatures. Men living in regions where the average temperature is low are more likely to have CP or CPPS.

While this advice sounds quite crazily, simply living in a warmer place or ensuring that you are exposed to cold rarely can significantly reduce your chances to experience CPPS.

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