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The ultimate guide 2018: external prostate massage

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Read this extensive interesting and useful guide in order to learn more about:

  • The benefits of external prostate massage
  • Upsides and downsides of this technique compared to others
  • Various tricks and details of Modern prostate cradles and their effectiveness
  • the technique that will help you to make it better

We start from talking about the technique itself. If you are interested in keeping yourself healthy and ready for reproduction, you definitely know a lot about prostate massage in general. This procedure helps to keep the gland in a good condition and supplies it with enough nutrition and oxygen. However, not many men are ready to implement traditional internal prostate massage in their lives. For some, the very procedure seems invasive.

External prostate massage is a great alternative for people who do not want to directly touch the gland through the rectum. Such direct contact can be physically discomforting and even painful for some individuals. There are also people who do not like the idea of practicing an internal technique that requires a relatively deep penetration.

Do not be discouraged! There is a simple yet effective solution that can be implemented in your life right away and will provide with nearly all benefits of traditional prostate massage. You will spare yourself of bothersome preparations and learning intricate techniques. We talk about external prostate massage performed through either the abdomen area or the perineum zone. The most effective area of your body to massage the gland through is certainly perineum.

External prostate massage

Upsides and Downsides of the Method

External prostate massage is a very good alternative to the traditional approach that usually requires you to penetrate the anus and reach the gland through the walls of the rectum. Doing so is quite hard especially without special massagers or additional help from your partner or a doctor. Don’t be afraid, you will not have to struggle after acquiring valuable knowledge about external prostate massage which is in some ways a superior practice.

Let’s start from notable PROS of the technique:

  • Does not require any special preparations (you won’t need to clean the rectum, take a warm shower to relax, and/or apply excessive amounts of lubricant);
  • Helps to reduce inflammations and remove stale fluids from the gland in a gentle manner without intrusive penetration and direct contact;
  • Can be performed at any given moment in a timely fashion and will not require additional help from your partner or doctor;
  • Provides both a very comforting relaxing experience and sexual sensation that can add to your traditional foreplay;
  • External prostate massage has a distinct therapeutic effect over a long period of time.

There is a few of CONS that immediately come to mind when comparing with internal technique:

  • Slightly less effective compared to internal techniques and requires more time and patience to achieve ejaculation and/or orgasm;
  • The sensation is less impressive, some men consider external massage less appropriate for sexual games and foreplay;
  • Internal massage is a more traditional method that has been around for a couple of millennia it has a much richer history and more knowledgeable fans so it’s easier to find sources of additional information on the matter.

When comparing these two methods to each other, the advantages of external prostate stimulation become apparent. If you believe that perineum massage is exactly what you need, we have good news for you: our comprehensive guide covers nearly all aspects of this technique including modern devices helpful in easing the procedure. We will discuss in details how to prepare for a session, perform the stimulation, and use special devices effectively.

Perineum Massage – External Massage Techniques for Dummies

Some men call the prostate gland male G-spot due to its sensitivity and a very special sensation felt when you stimulate it. The orgasm reached via stimulating both the penis and the gland is often described as a superior sexual experience much more satisfying compared to other types of orgasm.

This is a good news for a man who wants to enrichen his sexual life. However, the improvement of one’s sexual experience is not the most important goal of practicing male perineum massage. A multitude of medical benefits is exactly what should be on your mind when thinking about adding prostate massage to your regular therapeutic routines. If you have already made your mind, let’s talk about steps that will allow you to maximize the effectiveness of external prostate massage.

  • Create a comfortable environment. It is extremely important to perform the massage in a place where you will not be disturbed or interrupted. Comfort is crucial for both relaxation and the effectiveness of the therapy.
  • Use lubricants. You do not have to use special silicon lubricants. Using traditional Vaseline or body cream is enough. There will be no penetration meaning you need only a little of lube to avoid scratches and rubbings.
  • Get erection. Being sexually prepared for the procedure is very important. This makes ejaculation easier to achieve and helps to reach the gland. Being sexually aroused definitely helps to elevate perineum massage to the next level.
  • Take a comfortable position. Usually, we recommend our readers to lay on the back and spread legs slightly until you can reach the perineum easily with your middle and index fingers.
  • Get a good grip on your testis. Testicles will get in the way during the massage and holding your penis or the scrotum up will help to reach the perineum.
  • Apply the lubricant to your fingers and the perineum area. It is a good idea to cover all fingers of your hand with lube and apply it to the whole perineum zone. This will make external prostate massage much more enjoyable.
  • Start applying gentle pressure. You will feel a pleasurable sensation inside your body when touching the spot. Try applying pressure while stroking your penis in order to find the most effective technique. It is often recommended to use circular motions.
  • Use multiple sessions each consisting of several 7-10 clockwise circular motions. The amount of sessions depends on the individual. If you can reach an orgasm and ejaculate, you don’t have to continue the massage session. Nonetheless, specialists recommend to do at least 2-3 sessions of external prostate massage.

That’s it! The whole process is simple, effective, and extremely pleasurable. It is so easy that you can do it with your eyes closed. On a serious note, this technique is a life saver for men who do not want to use internal techniques while requiring a way to treat their prostates. As you see, the guide is detailed yet short. If you still feel a bit confused, continue reading to learn more about tips and tricks from seasoned veterans who have seen it all!

Prompts from Specialists

Over the course of centuries, people learned about prostate massage and significantly improved the technique. There are various hints that will help to notably increase the effectiveness of your efforts.

  • Get very hard. Having a strong rock solid erection helps. It helps to remove the fluids quicker and without blockages and drastically reduces the time needed to achieve orgasm. The key to productive external prostate massage is good erection.
  • Take safety measures. Using lubricants and cutting nails short help to prevent bruises and small injuries. Don’t turn a pleasure into a disaster.
  • Practice makes perfect. At first, you may not be able to experience additional sensation when massaging the area. This may be caused by being nervous or inexperienced. Don’t worry. Keep practicing, you will notice improvements to your external prostate massage technique soon.
  • The amount of pressure should be just enough to push the gland through the tissues. Don’t try to tear apart the muscles and skin, but do not just pat the area effortlessly.
  • Try to use your pelvic muscles and tense buttocks in order to have more control over the ejaculation process. Doing so will help to prolong the intercourse or the massage session allowing for thorough massaging and a very satisfying finish.
  • Start active stimulation of the perineum zone about half a minute before ejaculating. This will make the sensation truly amazing and memorable while significantly improving the therapeutic effect in the short run. When accompanied by strong stimulation of the gland, the climax is considerably more intense and makes men reconsider their beliefs about sex and orgasms in general.
  • Avoid applying too much pressure and starting active massaging too early. This will leave sores and may result in less pleasurable experience.
  • If you feel pain or discomfort, just stop. Experiencing pain often indicated problems like inflammation, acute bacterial prostatitis, and even UTIs. If you feel pain, consider seeking for medical attention as soon as possible.

These tips will unquestionably help you to make external prostate massage truly satisfying. Use our guide and prompts to make it worth your time.

What if It Doesn’t Work for Me?

If you still cannot achieve sexual relief and improve your “macho” health, consider buying a simple yet elegant solution – a prostate cradle. This is a device designed specifically for men who want to maximize the effect of external massage. The device has a distinct anatomic shape and helps to locate the gland. By using the cradle, you will learn how to correctly apply the pressure and perform a pleasurable yet therapeutically resultative massage.

A prostate cradle is perfect for external prostate stimulation.

Hopefully, this is enough information about the topic. In case you find the technique less appealing compared to more traditional internal massage approach, head to our special guide about internal techniques!


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