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The Benefits of Prostate Massage Therapy

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Prostate massage is one of the “routiniest” procedures for a man after 50. The vast majority of men after 50 experience issues with an increased in size prostate gland. Over 90% of men after 75 have a prostate oversized to some degree. When the issue at hand is no longer a subject of preemptive measures, prostate massage therapy is an obvious answer.

It is extremely important to understand physiological advantages of regular prostate massage. There are multiple benefits of this procedure that make it extremely important for men of all ages. However, for men with BPH the most effective non-pharmaceutical method of treatment is usually systematic prostate massage therapy. Prostatitis, prostate cancer, and many other dangerous conditions are less likely to develop in a man who regularly undergoes prostate massage.

Another Layer of Sexuality

Prostate gland is often referred to as men’s G-spot which is close to being truth since many men who described the sensation during such orgasms used similar explanations. Prostate gland is an extremely sensitive and delicate organ with a concentration of neurons that allow for a stronger orgasm especially when paired with intense penile stimulation.

Prostate massage is a common addition to sexual practices of many couples all over the world. However, it is crucial to understand that such sexual activities may be harmful when conducted incorrectly. We will cover various techniques in other articles.

Prostate Massage for Erectile Dysfunction

While there is no direct correlation between this therapy technique and ED treatment, BPH can have a notable negative effect on man’s sexual performance. Men with enlarged prostates often report weak control over erection. In some cases, low sensitivity of genitalia may be a problem that decreases the quality of erection. In such cases, prostate massage can help in achieving strong controllable erection.

Possible Results for Prostatitis Treatment

There are multiple ongoing debates in the scientific communities about whether prostate massage is beneficial for treatment of various forms of prostatitis. It is hard to determine how effective such therapy is since results depend on individuals. In some studies, the effectiveness is quite notable. Other researches show that improvements are very minute and can be considered irrelevant.

However, there was never a case that prostate massage is a bad thing for patients with prostatitis.

Prostate Massage and BPH

The last but most certainly not the least is the effectiveness of prostate massage therapy for patients with benign prostate hyperplasia. This condition is very concerning for any man since its development usually starts quite early and in some cases men after 30 report problems caused by an enlarged prostate. One of the best preemptive measures and resultative means of treatment is certainly regular prostate massage.

The Main Takeaways

Prostate massage therapy is amazingly effective in many cases and has multiple medical applications. It is hard to underestimate the significance of this therapy method and its benefits.

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