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Learn The Merits Of Prostate ORGASM!

When we say prostate orgasm we refer to direct stimulation of the prostate gland that leads to the expulsion of semen from the organ while not provoking actual ejaculation!

One of the biggest issues that men have to worry about is BPH or Benign Prostate Hyperplasia. This is a special condition that manifests itself through the enlargement of prostate. There are various BPH symptoms like frequent urination, weak erection, and other.

Prostate Orgasm is a great preemptive measure that helps in avoiding BPH and other prostate related issues. Prostate Orgasm is also a great sexual practice that can be used solely or with a partner.

Become Healthier

Ejaculation is a healthy process. The studies showed that men who masturbated or had sex frequently in their 20s have issues with prostate, inflammations, and even cancer rarer. Regular sexual activities is a good therapy.

Now, the prostate orgasm is not only a good therapeutic procedure, but also a good replacement for masturbation and sex. Some men do not like to masturbate and/or cannot have frequent sex. Prostate orgasm is the best solution for such men.

While this procedure is incredibly useful and brings dozens health benefits, many still consider it inappropriate and judge it as masturbation. Men without such prejudices can drastically improve their health!

Prostatitis Swelling Reduction and Treating BPH

Prostatitis is a fairly common medical condition in men and it happens when the gland is inflamed. The most recommended therapy method is generally prostate massage and orgasms. Such procedures help to reduce the symptoms.

The accumulated seminal fluid together with blood accretions are the reason for uncomfortable feeling produced by the gland. After sufficient prostate gland simulation combined with prostate milking, the seminal fluid is being released and the blood flow is being reinvigorated which leads to a relief. The combination of methods is the best answer to men’s health issues.

Prevent Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is a frequent problem for men. The first symptoms of this disease may manifest themselves in early 40s and even earlier. It is drastically important to postpone cancer or dangerous enlargements for as long as possible.

In order to keep the organ healthy, one needs to ensure that the area is well supplied by oxygen and fresh blood. Prostate orgasms will keep the organ active and energize the blood flow in the area allowing for better oxygenation.

A proper supply of resources and nutrients is the fundamental part of body parts maintenance. Make sure to give your prostate everything it needs to be healthy and not cause any problems in the future.

How to Achieve Prostate Orgasm

Prostate orgasm is easily achievable both at home or with an aid from a professional.

It is a common procedure at medical facilities where doctors take samples of one’s seminal fluids for testing purposes. The procedure often confuses men and patients feel uncomfortable about this highly intimate procedure. With many doctors being quite harsh when it comes to working with someone’s prostate gland, it is understandable why many men think that the procedure is painful and uncomfortable.

Being gentle and slow is very important. Some people believe that in order to make the orgasm stronger, one needs to apply pressure and work at a very high speed, but such zeal can lead to notable damages and injuries.

The demand for high quality devices and equipment that would ease the process of prostate massaging made many companies start their own product lines that would cater to the audience of men who want to improve their health.

One of such companies is Aneros which recently developed a very cool and effective device – Aneros HelixSYN. This product is a prostate massager made of gently silky silicone. The device is perfect for both therapeutic and sexual purposes.

Based on a long history of clinical trials and anatomy studies, this product is the ideal solution for men with problems related to prostate.

Making It Happen

The only proper way of stimulating the prostate gland is through the anus. Usually, people use their fingers in order to perform the simulation. However, fingers have a short reach and often do not allow to massage the whole gland.

The procedure goes like that:

  1. A finger is inserted in the anus 3-4 inches deep.
  2. A slight pressure is applied to the gland.
  3. Circular or wave motions are performed until the seminal fluid is released.

The gland itself is a robust formation of tissue perfectly palpable and situated a couple of inches inside the anus closer to the belly side of the body. The size should be relatively small (if not inflated or enlarged).

While the procedure itself is fairly simple, you need special instruments in order to reach the gland normally and ensure that the whole organ is involved in the procedure. This is hardly possible with short fingers or when performing the massage without a partner.

Having good and effective instruments like Aneros Helix is highly preferable.

ANEROS HELIX – The Perfect Answer

Aneros Helix is the choice of experienced men who truly want to enrichen their sexual lives and improve their health. This is the best instrument out there when it comes to treating prostate related problems.

After testing dozens of toys, commercial and homemade instruments, and working with medical professionals, I realized that it is mostly about comfort and convenience. You should not try to pick a tool for the job, you need a tool that was designed for the job.

Aneros Helix is a perfect example of an instrument developed with a variety of factors in mind: comfortability, anatomical ergonomics, functionality, feasibility, and a lot of other buzz-words. What is important is that the device makes prostate massage easy and does not cause any discomfort.

When you are 40 years old and truly concerned with various prostate related health issues, you simply need Aneros device at your side in order to ensure that you have an answer to BPH, inflammations, etc.

Prostate orgasm is a sexual experience and it should be considered as one as it brings pleasure and can be the center of a romantic night. However, this is also the reason why Aneros Devices are positioned as sex toys in the market while being licensed and patented as medical devices. Amongst Aneros devices one can find the Progasm model which is larger and purposed for sexual activities.

All in all, Aneros is a great medical tool that can be used as a sex toy!

What’s Good in a Prostate Orgasm?

·       Preventing fluid accretion in the gland
·       Removing old seminal fluid and stagnant blood from the area
·       Ensuring proper nutrition and oxygenation of the area to enhance recovery and healing of the tissues near the area
·       A replacement for masturbation that will make you want to masturbate less

Orgasms That Shake Your Mind!

Many men claim that a prostate orgasm is more intense than an orgasm reached in a conventional way!

Some smart marketers started calling prostate “men’s G-spot”. While it is barely a good comparison, some parallels can be made. This is a perfect sensitive area to focus during sexual activities and the orgasm is quite strong.

Additionally, prostate stimulation can be accompanied by masturbation in order to intensify the experience!

Being Gentle Is The Key

Note: it is highly important to be gentle and slow while conducting the prostate massage. Rough motions may lead to injuries and permanent damage.

The prostate gland is a very sensitive organ and even the slightest touch is enough to provoke a very notable reaction.

After the massage session, fluid should leak out of your penis. This is completely normal. However, if the fluid has blood in it, immediately seek for medical attention. Another big danger sign is sharp pain in the abdomen that appears during the massage session.

Both issues described above are usually consequences of a massage done wrong. The only way to avoid it is to use Aneros Helix which is developed according to male’s anatomy and safe to use.

There are three success aspects in prostate massaging:

  • Regularity!
  • Attention to your own feelings!
  • Being gentle!

Do it systematically, do not haste and be gentle, and do it when you feel like doing it. This way preventing various health issues related to prostate will be easy!

If you feel discomfort in the abdomen or doubt whether you should use adopt this practice, consult with your doctor!

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