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Prostate Orgasm, What Does It Feel Like?

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There are various reasons why prostate orgasm is a great thing. While it is an exciting expansion of sexual experiences for some men, it is the only possible way of experiencing sexual satisfaction for others. If you want to have a prostate orgasm that will forever change your perception of sexuality, you will be glad to know a couple of facts about prostate orgasm, how it feels, and why it is so important for men all over the world.

“What does a prostate orgasm feel like?” ask some men. While the question seems to be simple, the answer is ambiguous due to the individual nature of sexual activities of all kinds. Every man describes the sensation from both penile stimulation and prostate stimulation differently. However, nearly all men describe the feeling in a way that women usually describe how they feel when the G-Spot is being touched. This is the reason why some call the prostate gland male G-Spot.

There is no consensus in terms how different the experience is compared to penile stimulation, but many describe it as more intense and memorable. Prostate orgasm is also easier to achieve compared to normal orgasm. This is especially true for men who experience difficulties with reaching an orgasmic state due to diseases and the usage or prescription drugs.

First prostate orgasm

Alpha blockers and beta blockers as well some antidepressants and steroids may lead to problems with libido and achieving an orgasm. In such scenarios men experience troubles with orgasm. Masturbation and regular sex turn into a fruitless chore and the overall quality of sexual life becomes truly miserable. Such men find solace in prostate massage that always ends up with a satisfying orgasm that some men consider to be more powerful and exciting than a regular orgasm achieved through masturbation or intravaginal penile stimulation.

However, this does not mean that prostate orgasm is superior in every way. We suggest you to look at the matter with a broader perspective and understand that your first prostate orgasm will not manifest a new era in your sexual life but will help you to expand it. Prostate massage is not a substitution for regular sex and masturbation but rather a new addition to your arsenal of sexual games and foreplay.

One of the reasons why we believe that you must try to incorporate prostate massage in your life is that it is a good way to get two birds with a single stone. You will make your body more resilient and improve your health while your sexual life will become that much more versatile and exciting. This is a win-win scenario.

We also highly recommend you to share your experience with your partner and use both penile stimulation and prostate milking to experience mind boggling orgasms that will make you forever change your opinion about sex. In order to make the sensation even more satisfying and powerful, we recommend you to use special sex toys designed for prostate massage. They will make you feel even better and elevate your sexual life to the next level.


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