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The Best Things About Self-Prostate-Milking!

Now, many people wonder what is self prostate milking and why some men praise this technique? Let’s try to sort this out.

Firstly, we need to establish why men milk the prostate gland. Some do it for pleasure. Some consider it a healthy procedure. Some do it for both pleasure and health.

Regardless of reasons, one should know that prostate milking is a good answer to prostate related health issues and when done properly present no threat to the organism.

Health Benefits of Prostate Milking

Many men who are living a perfectly well-balanced sexual life rarely have problems with prostate in the first place and therefore do not need additional prostate gland stimulation. However, the amount of men who can claim that they live a perfect sexual life is tiny.

The reality is that many men do not have neither time nor enough opportunities to make sex a large part of their lives. Let’s be honest, for some men it is simply counter-productive.

The reasons limiting our sexual life can vary from stressful situations to loneliness and strictly physiological reasons like prostatitis.

These men should be looking at prostate milking as a very good alternative.

The problem with prostate is that the organ often accumulates blood and seminal fluids. This stagnation often leads to discomfort and inflammation and consequently to BPH symptoms.

The best way to ensure that prostate is healthy is to empty it regularly via either milking or simple ejaculation.

What If Prostatitis?..

Prostatitis often makes regular ejaculations impossible or extremely painful and uncomfortable. Now, for people with prostatitis self prostate milking is an ideal solution that makes perfect sense. Milking removes sexual tension and allows the organ to rest and recover which highly important for treating prostatitis.

In order to heal and recover the prostate gland needs proper nutrition and sufficient oxygenation. This means, the organ needs a healthy ample supply of blood.

Improving blood circulation in prostate is the number one priority for men!

Regular cleansing of the prostate is the best procedure for treating prostatitis.

Self prostate milking is the perfect addition to your Prostatitis treatment plan. Obviously, physiological procedures should be complemented by proper dieting, sufficient hydration, and physical activities.

During the prostate milking, you massage the organ and enhance the blood flow there. Regular milking sessions are great to reduce the size of the gland and make it more elastic. At the same time, self prostate milking is the best treatment procedure that does not demand you to spend much time or money.


Some men cannot have sex due to various reasons. For them self prostate milking is the number one option for both sexual relief and prostate diseases prevention. After a milking session, the seminal fluid is released from the gland and the desire is reduced dramatically.

Sexual Pleasures of Milking

Combined with masturbation, self prostate milking is a great sexual experience that many men consider to be even more intense than orthodox sex.

Obviously, men with prostatitis should not even try to masturbate as it may worsen the condition. However, healthy men will find the combination of penile stimulation and milking highly rewarding and erotically satisfying.

With milking prostate orgasm is brighter and the sensation is much longer.

Obviously, the intensity of the experience depends on a variety of factors including the depth of penetration.

Warning! It is imperative to be gentle and slow while performing the milking. The gland is a very sensitive organ. Applying too much pressure may cause notable injuries.

How to Do It Correctly

When conducting the prostate massage session, you main priorities should be technique and safety. Let’s round up some tips and tricks.

  • Use fingers, dildos, vegetables or sticks to reach the prostate gland.
  • Use proper instruments like Aneros Prostate Massage Devices.
  • Use proper lubricants and avoid sharp movements.
  • Be gentle and attentive.

Aforementioned Aneros HelixSYN is a perfect example of an instrument developed with a singular purpose – make prostate massage easy. This is a device that was designed based on anatomy studies performed by Aneros designers. Approved medically, this officially patented device is the best solution for men who want to get rid of problems related to their prostate.

One of the best models specifically for milking is Aneros Eupho or Maximus versions. These devices can be used as sex toys as well!

Do It Properly!

One of the best things about Aneros products is that they are completely hands free.

Now, the manual technique is a bit more complicated and will require you to perform several specific actions.

  1. Insert the finger in the anus and move it inside for 3-4 inches.
  2. Find the gland (a small palpable formation of tissue of a walnut size).
  3. Gently rub it and apply slight pressure with each motion.
  4. Do it until the seminal fluid is released.

You can perform the same procedure using Aneros devices which provide a deeper reach and allow you to perform the milking correctly.

It is very hard to reach important parts of the gland with fingers. Fingers are simply too short and controlling instruments like sticks and dildos can be hard.

Now, you can simply go to the urologist and ask how to do it. The specialist will demonstrate it on you. This will be the perfect learning experience.


The prostate gland is probably one of the most sensitive and delicate mal body parts. It is highly important to be very gentle when touching it.

Men who are inexperienced will feel discomfort and maybe even soft pain at first. However, consecutive massage sessions will make the gland stronger and healthier allowing for great pleasure.

When too much pressure is applied or inappropriate tools are used (sharp sticks, thin hardened dildos), it is possible to inflict injuries. Be careful when choosing your instruments.

The best way to avoid such issues is to use Aneros devices that have an anatomically ergonomic shape and can be used correctly even by inexperienced men.

Self prostate milking is the perfect way to a healthier lifestyle!

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