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Prostate massage, do it correctly!

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What if we told you that Prostate Massage is the answer?

While many men are actually incorporating prostate massage in their health-caring routines, the technique makes the difference!

We want to share with you the most effective and amazingly resultative techniques that helped thousands of men to remain healthy and improve their condition!

Even if you do not experience any problems now, chances are you will soon feel what it’s like to have issues with prostate.

How Can You Become Healthier Today?

The problem of many men is that neither them nor their significant others often do not have enough knowledge about prostate massage. Having no tools what-so-ever does not help either. Effective instruments like THIS one make the difference visible. Using correct technique and appropriate tools yield great results and cause no harm to the organism.

One of the most important aspects of this procedure is that a man should always rely on himself when massaging his prostate. This is the only way one can apply just enough pressure to ensure therapeutic effect and avoid causing damage.

Learning how to massage your own prostate is the best way to ensure that you will achieve improvements and save money.

Do It Properly! Improve Your Health Quickly!

Above is the most common method of conducting a massage session. Using fingers and performing massaging motions internally are classic procedures. However, the finger is not the most effective instrument available to a man!

The problem with fingers is that they are short and do not allow to reach the most important parts of the gland due to the angle of penetration. This makes your own fingers less effective.

Due to the angle of finger penetration, another person will have easier times reaching areas that need additional attention. While this is the most obvious solution to simply ask your SO to do the massage or go to a therapist, there are options that can make massage easier.

In order to ensure that the whole gland is being stimulated, you need to use special tools that can improve both the area and depth of reach. Let’s talk about such instruments that varied from simple sticks to vegetables and sophisticated dildos over the course of history.

The Tool

Prostate massage techniques that bring results require special effective instruments. One of the most common and useful is a simple drumstick that can be purchased in any music store. Drumsticks are lengthy and have handy shapes of both tips to ensure comfortable massaging.

You can purchase such sticks online or in musical stores. Some people recommend using thin candles and vegetables, but a drumstick is a tool that can be used specifically for massaging and multiple times. If you want to save money, get yourself one.

Get Yourself Ready for a Massage Session

Prepare the following materials and tools: KY Jelly (or other good lubricants), condoms, and your drumstick. Before starting massaging, you want to ensure that your rectum area is clear. Try some bowel movements. If nothing comes out and you feel not calls to defecate, it is likely that there is nothing much inside.

  1. Put a condom on the blunt end of the drumstick. Lubricate the stick with KY Jelly.
  2. The proper position is kneeling while leaning on elbows.
  3. It is important to be extremely careful while inserting the drumstick inside your anus. The motion must be slow and very gentle.
  4. The drumstick should not be put deeper than 4-5 inches, this is the optimal depth and your gland should be somewhere close.
Now, the most efficient way to perform prostate massage is by purchasing Aneros HelixSYN. This is a professional tool that can be used at home by anyone. This is a great tool for any man and makes prostate massage easier than the easiest thing you have done in your life! We will talk about this instrument later. Right now, let’s continue our conversation about the drumstick.

When the drumstick is inside deep enough, apply pressure in the general direction of your gland. The motion again should be gentle. Try to increase pressure slowly without sharp moves.

The next move is to slowly slide the drumstick back while continuing to apply pressure. The motion often results in squeezing liquid from your gland, so do not be confused with unexpected fluids.

During both movements you will feel your gland with the drumstick as well as internally. The gland is usually small, stimulating it causes sensation that immediately wears off when you stop touching it.

This set of motions can be repeated as many times as you feel comfortable. Usually it takes 15-20 times to complete an effective massage session.

Note 1. The procedure essentially means sexual stimulation.
Note 2. Drumstick is not the most effective instrument. The best way to make prostate massage both easier and more resultative is to use tools designed for this exact procedure. One of such instruments is aforementioned Helix. The tool has been developed with prostate massage in mind and it works wonderfully!

Strong Erection Is a Sign of a Good Prostate Massage!

During simulation, you may and should get a strong erection. However, this is something that should not worry you. Ignore it and continue massaging the gland as planned.

The second set of motions.

  1. Push the drumstick deeper and apply pressure on your gland. Keep the drumstick in this position for at least 5-8 seconds.
  2. Before releasing, fidget the stick over your gland quickly. Wait for some time and repeat the second set of motions. Usually, you don’t need to continue massaging after this.

Two sets of motions and you massage is done! It sounds easy and it is much easier with Helix!


The procedure described above is a professional approach that has been developed decades ago. However, the technology does not stand still.

Roughly a decade ago, a great device for prostate massage was developed by Anerox, one of the most advanced companies that manufactures products for the adult industry. Their line of Anerox Massagers made prostate massage easier for men all over the world. Now, you can professionally conduct a prostate massage session without any problems!

While Anerox has a wide variety of products, the most comfortable to use is undoubtedly Anerox Helix. This is a tool created specifically for prostate massage and it has the perfect size and shape to quickly fulfil its mission.

The classic version is made of completely neutral and safe acetyl plastic. The black version is made of high quality silicone and provides a silkier comfortable feeling when inserted. The silicone version is also smoother and works perfectly for men. Note that Anerox designed this device to be used in a “hands free” mode, it suits the male body ideally.

Aneros Helix "White Classic"
Aneros Helix “White Classic”

Aneros HelixSyn (Black, Made of Silicone, Our favorite!)
Aneros HelixSyn (Black, Made of Silicone, Our favorite!)

If you want to get healthier, prevent a plethora of issues like BPH and ED, and make your prostate massage sessions enjoyable, get one of these right now! No jokes! Get it now!

After years of searching for the best possible tool for prostate massage, Aneros HelixSYN may be the ideal answer that does not need additional perfecting.

Choose one of massagers described above and make your life better and healthier right now. No more preparations and painful procedures, no more asking your SO or visiting the therapist! Purchase Aneros Helix and make things easier.

Any of the product links used in this guide are leading directly to the manufacturer. You can purchase the item without risking falling for a fake. The payment is secure and allows you to avoid sharing personal information.

Obviously due to its erotic effect, Aneros Helix is a product positioned as a sex toy which can help you to get a really powerful prostate orgasm.

This is true and Aneros making one of the best sex toys for males, but it is also:


Solution for those who want to improve their health and prevent ED and benign prostate hyperplasia.

Do not hesitate like thousands of men who worsen their health conditions by procrastinating and delaying the purchase! If you want to make yourself healthier, act NOW!

  • If you experience problems with prostate, immediately choose one of the instruments above and change your condition on your own without contacting manual therapists!
  • Improve both libido and health with this amazing tool that can be purchased from the manufacturer. There are tons of health benefits!
  • If you know how to perform prostate massage properly, you know that it can be quite bothersome. Purchase Anerox Helix and enjoy your hands free experience!
  • Receive high quality medical service at home without overpaying to specialists!

Let’s talk about Advantages!

Aneros Helix – Designed by Professionals

  • Specialists at Aneros spent years studying various prostate massage techniques approved by leading medics in the world.
  • By studying the male anatomy and following fundamentals, the designers managed to create a form that fits over 90% of men perfectly and can be used by everyone with minor adjustments in technique. Helix is a patented medical tool.
  • Both the anatomically ergonomic shape and hands-free elements of the construction prevent the device from getting too deep into the anus making Aneros Helix the safest option in the market.
  • The procedure becomes even easier. You do not need to pick a specific position for massage. Just pick the most comfortable for you position, cover Aneros Helix with lubricates, and slide it in. The massage is performed via sphincter muscle squeezing.
  • The anatomical shape of the device makes it touch the gland in the most important areas without any additional guidance. A perfect hands-free massager!


The list of possible health benefits can go on forever! A man simply cannot improve his health easier than by using Aneros Helix devices. This is a cheap and highly effective way to improve men’s health. Let’s talk about some of health benefits!

  • BPH treatment. Benign Prostate Hyperplasia is one of the most common problems for older men. However, this issue can be treated and postponed by regular prostate massage sessions.
  • Preventing ED. Erectile dysfunction is a problem that plagues males all over the world. However, this issue can be less impactful. Just make sure to use Aneros Helix regularly.
  • Improving libido and sexual function. Aneros Helix also massages the area between your anus and scrotum. The area often referred to as perineum is a controlling pivot of various sexual functions like erection, arousal, and others.

Feel Weird and Uncomfortable? Don’t Worry!

Exhaustion and soreness are normal for anyone who just finished a prostate massaging session. This means that you will nearly always feel a little uncomfortable right after the massage. However, this feeling is always accompanied by overall relaxation.

Despite your best efforts and your attempts to be as gentle as possible, you will most likely still feel sore and this will only get worse on the second day. However, this means that the procedure was not fruitless.

One of the key issues with prostate is that it often accumulates blood masses that stagnate and become toxic. Removing them via massaging is crucial for your health. After a quick prostate massage session, you will feel discomfort, but mostly due to the fact that the old blood is removed from the gland.

Several additional procedures will help you to recover the normal blood flow and feel much better. Soon, you won’t feel any discomfort during or after prostate massage sessions.

With Aneros Helix, you will feel even less discomfort since the devices are constructed to fit in a male body.


Prostate massage is not the most attractive procedure for the majority of men. However, it is the most effective way to preserve men’s health.

Stimulating the blood flow near your sexual organs and making sure that your gland is always supplied with fresh blood will make you less vulnerable to a variety of diseases like BPH, ED, etc. At the same time, you will definitely improve your urination patterns and make your lifestyle much healthier. Here are some facts about massaging prostate:

  1. The vast majority of men feel less uncomfortable and sore after only 3 sessions;
  2. Prostate massage helps you to relax and remove negative effects of stresses so do it after a hard work day;
  3. Breathing deeply helps to both mitigate discomfort and improve the reach of your instruments.

What’s Next?

When you are done with your prostate massage session, make sure to replenish the energy spent on the procedure. Prostate massage is demanding to nerves and makes your body spend more energy than usually. So have a small snack after the massage.

It is highly important to create a system and follow it. Regular massage is the key to healthier lifestyle. Obviously, you should not be over zealous. Doing it 2-3 times every week is more than enough.

A proper system will not only make each procedure more significant, but also allow your body to recover better. Improving the blood flow is the best way to ensure that your organs are working well. More energy and healthier body – these are your rewards for being consistent with your prostate massage routines.

Make Your Life Better!

Fix Your Problems!

Live Healthier!

A prostate massage session conducted with a proper technique will definitely make you feel much better in general.

One of the problems with prostate is that our body constantly tries to heal it and increases the supply of blood and resources to the prostate. However, this often leads to tissue inflammation and accretion of old blood.

The best way to fix this issue is to affect such accretions via proper massage. Stimulating the blood flow and affecting nerves situated around and in the prostate will make you feel healthier.

You only need to start. Forget about your prejudices and start thinking rationally about your health. You need to step up and fix your health right here and right now!


Stop Wasting Time! Pick Your Own Instruments and Techniques and Start Changing!

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