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Prostate massage short guide

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While prostate massage requires cautious and a lot of practice, there are specific guidelines and tips that will be extremely useful to those who want to learn how to massage prostate. We do not want to go in depth and will cover some basic things about how to prostate massage.

The benefits of the procedure are hard to overvalue. Regular sessions will help to keep the organ healthy, improve your mood, significantly increase the quality of your sexual life, and help if you have problems with prostate or recovering after prostatitis. There are various techniques. It is possible to learn how to massage your prostate both internally and externally. We will focus on several staple techniques that every single man on this planet should learn.

External massage methods

There are two main methods of massaging your prostate gland externally. It is quite easy to massage prostate without penetration. However, both the sensation and therapeutic usefulness are somewhat limited if you prefer to constantly use external techniques.

  • Pros of such methods: no additional tools needed, easier to master techniques, less discomfort during the learning stage.
  • Cons of such methods: less noticeable therapeutic effect, the sensation is often not enough for sexual satisfaction.

One technique is a type of frontal massage. You need to find the soft spot in the abdomen and start gently massaging the area while slightly pushing in with your fingers. The process is quite simple and requires no prior training which is a big plus.

Another technique is reaching the gland from the area under your testicles. The best way to do it is to lay down on the bed on your back reach a strong erection and start massaging the area under the scrotum. Motions should be soft and gentle.

Internal massage methods

If you want to learn how to massage prostate with maximum effect, you will need to learn a trick or two about internal methods. The main thing about this procedure is that it can be significantly simplified and improved if you purchase a massager which can be found in various sex shops. Such devices help to reach the prostate quicker.

Regardless of whether you use tools or not, the general goal of the technique is to reach the body of the prostate gland through the thin area inside your anus. The gland is situated several inches deep and may be hard to reach with your own fingers. If you don’t have a tool, ask your partner to help.

Some general base techniques of internal massage can be seen on a simple illustration below. There are multiple ways to reach the prostate. In some cases, using a homemade instrument is sufficient. However, the vast majority of men prefer to use sex toys made of soft hygienic materials. While using specifically designed instruments is preferable, any careful technique will usually be sufficient given you practice enough and learn about your body. Remember that pain is the main indicator that something is wrong. Avoid significant discomfort and pain.

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