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Prostate Massage Hints and Tips. How to Make It Feel Good!

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Prostate massage is definitely the most enjoyable physiological procedure that also benefits health. The list of advantages is so big and we have talked about it so many times that I don’t even want to start the topic again. Let’s just say that doing prostate massage regularly is a very healthy path to a better in all ways life. How can you make this path easier?

Mobs of men spend hours browsing the internet and talking to specialists in order to learn how to massage their prostate glands perfectly. Many give up. Some complain that the process is painful and uncomfortable. Some feel shameful about the procedure even after reading that it is a therapeutically great method of preventing dozens of prostate related issues. Well, it is time to change it.

I gathered some useful tips and tricks that can change the way you think of prostate milking!

Tip #1. Try to Relax!

Relaxation is the key to an effective yet enjoyable prostate massage session that will certainly help you to receive pleasure. When you are relaxed, your muscles and nervous system are less reactive which means that you won’t overreact to sudden sensation or feel pain.

Different people use different techniques to catch the “groove”. Some listen to calming music, some take a warm shower, and some simply masturbate before starting the massage session. Everyone should develop a unique method of relaxation that works for him. This is extremely important.

Tip #2. Enjoy the Process!

Prostate milking is basically removing the seminal fluid from the prostate gland without ejaculation. Now, this is the reason why it is often called a prostate orgasm. The sensation is surprisingly pleasurable and may feel even better than your regular sex. Obviously the intensity of the experience depends on the individual. Some may like traditional ejaculation better.

Enjoying the process is crucial. If you want to do it regularly, you simply must be positive about each session. Healthy men can easily combine masturbation with prostate massage. This will make the whole experience much more familiar and enjoyable. Some couples often incorporate prostate massage in their sexual games. There is a plenty of ways to make the process better.

Tip #3. Each Man Is Different.

Some men simply cannot experience a prostate orgasm. However, a properly conducted prostate stimulation should still feel good or at least never deliver pain or uncomfortable feelings. While some people believe that men unable to achieve a prostate orgasm exist, I think that practice makes perfect. With enough dedication and regularity, experiencing a prostate orgasm should be an eventuality rather than possibility.

Individuality is manifested through a variety of aspects. Some men enjoy simultaneous masturbation. Some may prefer a slightly rougher technique. Choosing the right combination of methods and conditions will make a much happier man! I promise!

Tip #4. Use Appropriate Instruments.

It is quite hard to do everything properly without convenient tools. While some believe that it is possible to reach the prostate gland without extenders, I can assure you that it is most likely impossible to correctly massage the whole gland by using only fingers. Our fingers are simply too short and you will need your partner with really long fingers to try reaching the far end of the gland.

The easiest solution is to use an extender. Something like a stick with a rounded end can work. Put a condom on it, lubricate, and use it to reach the gland. This is not the safest or the most comfortable method, but it works. There is a truly appropriate method.

For example, ANEROS HelixSYN. This is a sex toy that is actually patented as a medical device. It has a shape that is designed based on the male anatomy. This clinically tested shape can massage the whole prostate gland and deliver you an unforgettable orgasm. Another great thing about this device – it is a hands-free solution!

Using tools that improve your reach and make the whole process more comfortable is a good idea!

Tip #5. Make Sure That You Feel Great!

Tactile feelings are a very big part of the procedure. When your feel discomfort, the enjoyment shrinks and quickly disappears forfeiting its place to negativity. In order to avoid unpleasant experiences, you should try preparing everything correctly:

  • Make sure to trim and file your nails to avoid scratching the tissues is you are using fingers;
  • Always try to use devices and tools of the body temperature (hold them in hands for a while to warm them up);
  • Use good lubricants and tools made of silky materials like high quality silicone.

These simple tricks will change the way you feel the touch of instruments making it easier to enjoy the process and concentrate or pleasure. Make prostate orgasm great again!

Tip #6. Learn The Process!

There cannot be enough knowledge and this statement is applicable to anything including prostate massage. Read about the procedure to receive a holistic view. My blog is full of various tips and tricks. Some of them are based on my personal experience. Some I found interesting and decided to include in my improvised data base! Having enough information about anything is great.

Prostate massage is a highly personal process that different people experience differently. At the same time, some methods and techniques simply do not work for certain men and vice versa. If something doesn’t feel quite right, study more methods and patterns, you may find a better way to receive pleasure from prostate simulation!

Tip #7. Go Learn How to Milk a Prostate from a Specialist!

This is not a joke. You can always just go to a medical specialist and ask him to show how the process is done. You can simply pay for a session and let the doctor to demonstrate the process “in action”. This way you will know what kind of feelings you should be looking for when doing it on your own. A practical example is the best way to learn!

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