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Prostate Massage Clinic? No! Do It at Home!

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If you wonder how to do a prostate massage that will be equal in results to that of conducted by a professional in a clinic, you want to surprise you with good news. Prostate massage clinic is not necessary, since the process is very simple and can be performed at home especially if you have a special massage device that make the whole procedure very simple, effortless, and surprisingly enjoyable. Let’s talk why homemade prostate massage is a good and enjoyable procedure.

One of the biggest advantages of doing the procedure at home is that you will feel comfortable and go through the whole process without any stresses. Remember that prostate milking is a very pleasurable sexually engaging activity that should be enjoyed rather than avoided. Do not think about this procedure as a bothersome medical process. It is a very healthy and intimate procedure that can be beneficial for both your body and soul.

Things that You Will Need

In order to enjoy prostate massage at home, you will need to purchase a couple of things and make several preparations. There is a couple of tips that we would like to give you. Following these small advices will help you enjoy the process.

  • Get an instrument. It is possible to conduct self prostate massage without any extenders, but it will be hard and require really long fingers or a help from another person. We usually recommend purchasing special prostate massagers or at least make an extender and use it to reliably reach the gland and ease the process of massaging.
  • Prepare your house. There are several conditions that should be met in order to make the procedure painless and pleasurable. One of such conditions is good environment. A warm room without drafts is a good place to enjoy prostate massage.
  • Remember about hygiene. We cannot stress enough how important it is to clean the rectum before the procedure and to keep all instruments and hands clean as well.
  • Purchase lubricants and special pillows if necessary. Internal prostate massage requires a lot of lubricant in order to avoid damage to anus and rectum. In order to make the process more comfortable, it is generally a good idea to purchase firm pillows and use them to take a good comfortable position.

All of the above are optional but highly recommended items. It is really that much more pleasurable to use a special massage device that is designed to make the process effortless and satisfying. Such devices are often equipped with an in-built vibrator which makes it a perfect sex toy for couples that want to make their sexual games that much more diverse and interesting.

Home Sweet Home

While it is still a tradition for men after a certain age threshold to go to clinics in order to receive prostate massage, modern men prefer to do it at home. In a cozy environment and often with your sexual partner you will enjoy the procedure. Another good thing about it is that you will be able to do it more often effectively increasing the benefits.

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