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How to Live with BPH? Natural Prostate Supplements and Other Great Things!

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Benign prostate hyperplasia and problems with prostate in general are our most common enemies and facing them is an inevitability rather than a possibility. At some point all men become concerned with the condition of the prostate gland which grows constantly. The very growth of the gland is related to our own masculinity. Our bodies develop hormones like testosterone which cause the tissues near the prostate gland to grow. Slowly but surely the gland becomes a problem.

While the inevitability of the direct “conflict” between a man and his prostate is quite concerning, there are ways to postpone the issue and minimize its effects. A variety of methods can be combined in an effective preemptive therapy. There are physiological procedures, medicines, prostate supplements, and herbs that can help you to keep your gland in check! So let’s talk about them!

Change Your Life!

First and foremost, you need to change your life completely. Living a healthy life and eating appropriately will definitely prevent a bunch of problems with health including BPH, prostatitis, and even cancer. Remember that the prostate gland is the part of our organism and depends wholly on its overall health. A healthy man that eats less omega-6 fatty acids, doesn’t smoke, and exercises regularly will less likely get issues with his prostate gland.

Change your life and understand that health is a combination of physiological, psychological, and even philosophical measures that one employs in order to change himself. There are several distinct aspects of preventing the inevitable and each aspect contains a variety of methods that you should never ignore!

  1. Physiological procedures. This is one of the most important activities for any man. Your gland is a very sensitive organ which needs regular “maintenance”. One of the most obvious and famous methods of taking care of the gland is prostate massage. Several years ago, we used to go to the local urologist and sign up for a massage session. Today, every man has an opportunity to learn how to do it. Another important physiological procedure is ejaculating. Some scientists claim that men that ejaculate 20-30 times per month will less likely develop prostate related problems. Systematic sexual activities and regular prostate massage – these are two important physiological procedures that every man should consider implementing in his life.
  2. Taking drugs preemptively is definitely not the best idea. However, contemporary BPH is much “younger” on average than three decades ago. Many men discover first symptoms of BPH in their early 30s. They have to start treatment as early as possible. One of the most effective ways of treating your enlarged prostate is obviously using alpha-blockers which can reduce the size of the gland in the long term perspective. Another interesting solution is tadalafil, more commonly known as Cialis. This erectile dysfunction treatment drug is a great help for men with weak erection. Simultaneously, Cialis works as a recreational drug against BPH. Remember that effective drugs against prostate related problems are only Rx (prescription only). Taking them without a competent advice is not recommended!
  3. Prostate supplements. This is one of the most important parts of your strategy against problems with your prostate. Supplements are safe to use, don’t contain potentially dangerous compounds (like some Ayurveda drugs), and help your organism in a variety of ways. There is a wide range of drugs that can be effective as a preemptive measure against benign prostate hyperplasia. Some of them should be used in your early 20s in order to postpone the condition for as long as possible. Some supplements are great additions to your ongoing treatment strategy. The vast majority of supplements work well together with alpha-blockers and other traditionally used drugs. We will focus mostly on supplements.
  4. Herbs, Ayurveda, and non-conventional medicine. All of them use various types of herbs, fruits, and roots to treat problems with prostate. We have already covered ideas from phytotherapy and Ayurveda. While some of their techniques are quite interesting and some of them have been tested with time, we still recommend you to use supplements that may be based on traditional mixtures and potions from phytotherapy. Supplements are simply easier to use. On the other hand, searching for specific types of grass or fruits can be quite hard if you want to choose the path of the herbalist!

These 4 aspects of your preventive strategy against problems related to your prostate gland should be considered important. As we mentioned previously, we want to take a closer look at supplements since they attract a lot of attention from publicity and can be used alongside various recreational drugs. While there is a lot of great products out there, some companies do try to scam the hell out of their customers. Awareness and vigilance should become your second nature if you don’t want to harm yourself instead of curing.

The Role of Prostate Supplements.

Prostate Supplements, as the name suggests, work alongside other medications and should not be considered primary drugs. The vast majority of these medications are herbal or based on relatively weak active ingredients. These drugs can be efficient only when combined with other methods of prostate management and/or alpha-blockers. Despite their harmless nature, you should always consult with your doctor before mixing together prescribed drugs and over-the-counter supplements. They may conflict with each other.

Humanity advanced rapidly over the course of the last century. However, thousands of years before that we had been amassing collective knowledge that is still quite actual. Medicine is not only a consequence of progress, it is based on myriads of recipes, methods, and potions that were a vital part of our very survival for a long time before we managed to invent penicillin. This is why you should never discount a good old herbal soup. It helped your ancestors. Chances are it is going to help you.

Nonetheless, the placebo effect is definitely something that does not work when it comes to physiological issues that have a genuine nature. There is no psychological force in this world that can make your prostate gland smaller. Not one that we are aware of at least. Adding so called “zero ingredients” supplements will not help you.

The most reliable drugs are those that are based on herbs, roots, and fruits that have been used by herbalists for centuries. These are safe, relatively effective, and rarely conflict with prescribed drugs. There are also more “advanced” types of drugs that try to push revolutionary mixtures, questionable medications, and newly discovered compounds. The issue here is that many drugs have not been excessively tested in a laboratory. Neither they were studied well enough to talk about success rates and actual effectiveness.

The dilemma here is quite simple. You either choose less efficient herbal options or go for artificial supplements. The dilemma is something that “specialists” out there try to create. Remember that all those advertisements, sweet talks, and promises are not even close to the reality we are living in. There are no “magical drugs” and the amount of actually “dangerous” fakes is also quite small. The truth is, many supplements are “zero effect” drugs. They are neither threatening nor effective.

Despite this fact, the role of supplements should not be diminished! There are drugs that I personally recommend as an addition to your treatment course. Note that these drugs are very important yet NOT essential. This means that you should think about your actual treatment strategy and opt for alpha-blockers and other similar drugs before starting to choose your number one prostate supplement.

How Supplements Can Change Your Life

Benign prostate hyperplasia, as mentioned previously, is an inevitable medical condition that at some point starts troubling all men. The first symptoms can manifest themselves very early. The vast majority of men concerned with prostate gland issues are about 45-50 years old. Over 95% of men after 70 have at least some kind of prostate related issues.

While prostate supplements are not drugs, they have lots of important ingredients that can slow down the growth of the prostate gland or reduce BPH symptoms. Some prostate supplements are purposed to help alpha-blockers to reduce the size of the gland. Some are supposed to ease urination and help with nocturia. Regardless of the main goal of the supplement, you need to understand that it may change yoru life if used correctly.

Do not rely on prostate supplements alone! They are quite helpful and we will talk about some truly effective drugs, but you need to live a healthy life and make sure that your prostate gland is well treated. Here are several everyday things that will make your prostate healthier.

  1. Eat more vegan protein. Soy protein and wheat protein are great substitutes for meat. Various studies show that men who eat red meat and lots of fatty meat are more likely to develop BPH earlier. Scientists suggest that animal protein is what causes the growth.
  2. Make sure that you have a rich sexual life. Enjoying variety in bed is something pleasurable and simultaneously healthy. Incorporate prostate milking and lots of foreplay. Make sure to ejaculate as often as possible. Have on orgasms 20-30 times per month. These simple things will drastically reduce your chances of experiencing problems with prostate early in your life.
  3. Regularly workout. Physical activity is a very important part of your “anti-BPH” strategy. Do not overfocus on your gym routines. Remember that the growth of the gland is closely related to the testosterone production rate. Steroids, excessive training regimen, and specific sport supplement may worsen the situation instead of improving your condition!

These three simple things will make you feel better and gradually improve the condition of your gland. Adding specific prostate supplements to the mix will positively affect your whole organism in several ways. Let’s talk about various types of prostate supplements and how they can be of use!

  • Anti-inflammatory prostate supplements. Some medications will have herbs and compounds that are supposed to reduce and prevent inflammations. This makes treating acute prostatitis and chronic prostatitis easier. At the same time, minor inflammation issues will not bother you that much.
  • Urination improvements. The vast majority of prostate supplements help in regulating urination in one way or another. If you have frequent urination calls, nocturia, and other similar issues, adding prostate supplements can help greatly.
  • Aiding your main treatment strategy. In the vast majority of scenarios, you will be offered to use alpha-blockers which are drugs that reduce the size of the gland in the long run. Adding supplements that otherwise support their mechanism of action is definitely a good idea!

The Main Takeaway.

Prostate supplements are definitely useful. However, you need to be wise and choose your drugs carefully. Do not buy in sweet promises. Do not purchase overly marketed drugs. Make sure to balance your treatment course and use prostate supplements “strategically”.

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