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How to Prevent BPH. Effective Ways to Be Prepared.

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Benign Prostate Hyperplasia is not a disease. This is an inevitable condition that will eventually start causing problems for even the healthiest of men. However, many specialists believe that the condition is not only easily recognizable, but also easily preventable. The official stance of the medicine is that benign prostate hyperplasia is an eventuality and comes along with aging.

At the same time, the condition is not yet fully studied nor the science fully understands what can cause the enlargement of the prostate gland. We know that it is most likely hormonally induced and that dihydrootestosterone (DHT) is a huge contributing factor. We believe that eating too much protein and bad fats can increase the rate of growth of the gland. We are nearly certain that the genetic factor is a thing. However, we are still in shadows when it comes to developing prevention methods.

Yes, officially there are no effective prevention methods, but we have a couple of interesting theories and methods that are still not proven to be ineffective. While these methods may not be able to help you, they will certainly not make things worse.

Method #1. Frequent ejaculations.

The prostate gland is the organ that mixes together the seminal fluid and semen together which results in the ejaculate. Now, the ejaculate is being produced regularly regardless of whether you remove it or not. This is why frequent ejaculations or prostate milking sessions are extremely important for maintaining the prostate gland in a healthy state. Each ejaculation forces the gland to work, improves the blood circulation, and, obviously, brings pleasure.

The scientific community believes that frequent ejaculations do not prevent the growth of the gland. Quite the contrary, our sexuality is a result of higher testosterone levels. This means that in order to be sexually active we need to produce more of this hormone which results in an enhanced production of DHT, another hormone that stimulates the growth of the prostate gland. This means that our sexuality is the reason for a bigger prostate gland.

Both ideas are valid in theory, but the statistics show that sexually active men are less likely to develop a BPH condition by the age of 40 and less affected by the growth of the gland by 50. Again, this may not be significant, but certainly does not worsen anything.

Method #2. Prostate massage.

The procedure often known as prostate milking is basically the massage of the prostate gland through the wall of the rectum. This is a healthy procedure that is recommended to all men with BPH and performed by medical specialists. This procedure is a necessary addition to any treatment course.

At the same time, prostate milking is a basically an alternative form of orgasm for men and can be practiced regularly without any therapeutic purpose. This makes this method of prevention highly enjoyable and easy-to-implement! Regular prostate massage sessions are quite healthy and help to diversify your sexual life.

The benefits of the procedure are obvious:

  • The massage stimulates the area of the prostate gland, improves the circulation of blood and forces the gland to be active.
  • An enhanced supply of nutrients and oxygen is the result of regular massage sessions. This makes the gland healthier.
  • Regular massage sessions reportedly reduce the size of the gland by reducing the inflammation that often occurs due to accretion of liquids in the area.

Prostate massage must be regular and performed correctly in order to yield results. This is one of the practically approved methods of treating a wide array of issues related to the prostate gland.

Method #3. Preemptive medication intakes.

Using reductase inhibitors and alpha-blockers preemptively can be a good decision when you already have minor symptoms of BPH. The growth of the gland starts fairly early and reductase inhibitors can be implemented as a recreational medication in your life just as early. In the long run, inhibitors can significantly reduce the size of the gland.

Note that using drugs without consultations with doctors is strongly unadvised. The medications should be used in order to treat or reduce symptoms, and preemptive usage is a highly risky prevention method. We suggest this idea in order to inform you of its existence, but we by no means encourage you to try this method out. Quite the contrary, you should just regularly undergo medical examinations and be ready to start the treatment as early as possible.

Method #4. Live healthily.

This is the simplest way to prevent the condition. Simply eat healthily and make sure that your ration is balanced and you receive enough nutrients of all kinds. It is not good to receive too much protein with food. It is also not good to receive too much fats with food. At the same time, we are all advised to avoid sugar and eat in a low-carb style. Just create a balanced menu and stick to it.

The connection between dieting and BPH is still not established and not studied thoroughly, but it is believed that there is some relation between what you eat and how large your prostate gland is.

Method #5. Get castrated…

While this is a joke… Seriously, don’t do it! While this is a joke, researches and historical notes state that the prostate does not grow at all in castrates. Without any testosterone produced, there can be no DHT and this means that the gland is not growing.

The main takeaway.

We highly recommend you to combine methods 1,2, and 4. Mix them together. This is the most enjoyable and simple way of BPH prevention. It may not work as brilliantly as some expect, but this prevention course will make your life better and healthier! So why not?

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