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How to Massage the Prostate Safely

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Prostate massage is a therapeutic technique and a great alternative to sexual intercourses as well a great addition to foreplay. Many men implemented this type of physiological therapy techniques in their daily routines. However, some men are not entirely aware of how to use a prostate massage device correctly or what guidelines should be respected. It is highly important to follow some rules in order to ensure the maximum safety.

How to Massage the Prostate Safely

Tips and tricks for safer prostate massage

First and foremost, we highly recommend to use specifically designed tools. The best prostate massager is the one made of soft hygienic materials and with a distinct anatomic shape. Such instruments allow for a much simpler yet resultative massage sessions. You simply don’t have to learn through trials and errors. These devices are designed by specialists and allow you to reach the prostate gland effortlessly. At the same time, such massagers are incredibly versatile sex toys.

Regardless of whether you want to know how to use prostate massagers or plan do everything manually, you need to follow some rules and guidelines to avoid undesired traumas.

  • Use excessive amounts of lubricants during internal prostate massage sessions. There is no need to “save” lubricant. Use enough to make the initial penetration comfortable and consequent motions enjoyable and relaxing. Lubricants will also protect the insides of your rectum from damage.
  • Be gentle and careful. Do not try to be aggressive or insert tools deep inside the anus during internal massage and listen to your body when applying pressure from the outside. It is imperative to learn the limits of your body and how hard can you push during each session.
  • If you feel discomfort or pain stop. Either make a pause or stop doing it altogether. If you didn’t apply much pressure and still feel discomfort or sudden pain, it may signal that you have an inflammation or internal damage. In such cases, seek for medical attention as soon as possible.
  • Read the instruction and learn how to use a prostate massage device that you are using. There might be nuances and features of the device that you simply don’t know thus using the device inefficiently. We recommend you to read manuals thoroughly.

Following these simple rules is not bothersome at all. These tips will help you to make each prostate massage session not only good for your health but enjoyable. Another important tip for couples is that you need to learn about prostate massage techniques together. If you know about this procedure every single important fact, you will elevate your sexual life to the next level.

Safety is pivotal

Internal prostate massage can be dangerous when done irresponsibly and without any concern about your health. Remember that you will often directly simulate organs and tissues that are very sensitive and can be easily damaged. Follow our tips and never massage the prostate without high quality lubricants. Always be careful and avoid pains and discomfort.


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