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How to Experience the Most Intense Prostate Orgasm

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Prostate orgasm is often described as a very intense sexual experience that can be seen as an addition to your sexual activities and as a standalone experience with an amazing sensation. Prostate orgasm is something that you can easily learn and implement in your life but it is hard to truly master and bring the intensity to the max level. Let’s talk about how to give yourself a prostate orgasm so strong that you will forget about all other types of sexual activities for a long time.

Let’s start with the fact that prostate massage is perfect addition to penile stimulation and should be used as an additional mean of stimulation sensitive organs. The combination of the prostate and penile stimulation is what makes a truly memorable orgasmic experience. It is fairly easy to understand how to achieve prostate orgasm reliably, but it is much harder to make the experience truly memorable. In order to experience the best prostate orgasm, you will have to practice.

The Best Prostate Orgasm – a Short Guide

Prostate orgasm is a result of stimulating the gland. This organ is very sensitive and will react to any kind of continuous stimulation by releasing the semen. This process is what we call prostate orgasm or prostate milking. While this procedure is enjoyable on its own, when combined with intense penile stimulation the result is even more satisfying. However, there several techniques that must be mastered before you will be able to experience the most explosive orgasm in your life.

  • Coordinate stimulation and learn to align the sensation. Penile tissues and the gland will respond to stimulation differently but these feelings will complement each other if you “catch” the right rhythm and apply appropriate stimulation to both organs.
  • Learn to control penile muscles and the response of the gland. It is incredibly important to be able to hold that moment right before the orgasm for as long as possible. Having trained muscles near scrotum and enough experience to control how your gland respond to intense stimulation will help you to spend more time preparing for an explosive finale.
  • Make sure to master the prostate stimulation technique. Knowing how to touch your gland in a way that brings the best result is very important. One of the simplest ways is to try out various methods and levels of intensity during prostate massage sessions. Using special prostate massage devices is highly recommended.
  • Try using special massagers with an in-built vibrator. A slowly vibrating device will gradually bring your closer to an orgasm allowing you to better control penile stimulation and make an orgasm that much more effective and satisfying.

If you want to achieve a prostate orgasm that will make you stop thinking about sole penile stimulation for good, you will need to follow our simple tips. We also recommend you to purchase a high quality prostate massager to make every single massage session as satisfying as possible.


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