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How Do I locate My Prostate and Massage It?

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For some men prostate massage does not look like a very simple and enjoyable procedure. Sometimes, it is hard to believe that you do not have to be a doctor or study your own anatomy for decades in order to do prostate massage professionally. There are various ways to make the process simple and resultative and you don’t have to be a specialist to do it! Let’s learn together what is prostate massage and how to find your prostate.

Prostate massage benefits are obvious and many men know that this procedure is more than just beneficial. It is not only a way to prevent a multitude of prostate diseases and postpone benign prostate hyperplasia but also a very pleasurable sexual activity that can be enjoyed alone and with a partner. Despite many benefits of the procedure many men avoid it due to being unsure how to do it and how to locate their own prostate gland in the first place.

Locating the Gland

In order to find the gland without any instruments, you will need to use your hands. People with long fingers obviously have an advantage when it comes to massaging prostate. Before you start the procedure, make sure to clean the rectum and thoroughly wash your hands. Then go to a warm room without drafts and prepare for the process.

  1. Take a comfortable position. For the vast majority of men taking a doggy pose is preferable. While standing in a position lubricate the area near the anus and your fingers generously.
  2. Insert the middle finger in the anus and try to reach the inner wall of the rectum 2-3 inches deep until you can palpate a soft ball of tissue that makes you feel a sensation when you press it.
  3. Start doing gentle motions back and forth slightly pressing the gland. If you do everything correctly, you will feel a sensation each time you make a move.
  4. Continue massaging the gland for at least 2-3 minutes. Do not push too hard and make a pause each time you feel any kind of discomfort. Try to memorize how you feel and the location of the gland.

You will undoubtedly notice that doing this with your bare hands is really hard. Even reaching the gland may be a problem for some men. In such cases, you can ask your partner to help you out or purchase a special massage device that will help you to reach the gland reliably. If you do not want to purchase a professional device, you can use a homemade instrument. You can use wooden and wooden handlers or other kinds of extenders.

Using hands during your first time is highly encouraged. With your fingers you will be able to find the exact location of the gland via palpation. During next massage sessions, you will be able to easily find the gland. With enough practice, you will soon be able to perform the massage quickly and efficiently.

After several sessions, you will be able to not only locate the gland reliably and quickly but reach a very satisfying prostate orgasm. Your life will become much better with regular sexual satisfaction and systematic therapy that makes you a healthier man.


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