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External prostate massage – heal your prostate

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Prostate massage is one of the most important therapeutic procedures that enables a much better quality of life in men with enlarged prostate or experiencing prostatitis. Manually massaging the gland is a perfect way to ensure that blood vessels around are energized and provide the organ with oxygen and nutrients essential for normal functioning of the gland. However, some men find it uncomfortable to use conventional techniques.

If you are getting used to the technique of internal massage, external prostate massage is a great temporary alternative that you can easily implement into your daily routines. While many men aim for prostate orgasm while practicing internal massage, our prostate gland does not necessarily require intense massage or forced ejaculation in order to receive enough treatment. Light external prostate stimulation is often all that you need to do in order to keep it healthy.

External prostate massage – how to do it

As the name suggests, external prostate massage does not require anal penetration and any kind of direct stimulation of the gland. All you need to do is to find the gland under your skin in the abdomen and carefully massage it through skin and muscle tissues using various types of motions. You don’t have to be precise. The gland is actually quite big and massaging the general area where it is situated will suffice in the vast majority of cases.

In some cases, your body may respond to such manipulations with a strong erection. This is completely fine since the whole process has a very sexual context and directly stimulates one of man’s most sensitive organs directly involved in the reproduction process. External prostate stimulation is often something practiced by couples to empower the sensation during an orgasm.

As mentioned above, the gland is extremely sensitive. External prostate stimulation must be delicate. Excessive pressure may result into a completely opposite effect and hurt your internal organs. Do not push too hard. The gland will respond to even the lightest of pushes. You will feel a mild sensation and this feeling should be pleasant. If you feel even the mildest of pains, stop immediately and apply less pressure after a short pause.

Note that it is no recommended to treat prostatitis with such methods. Your gland may be less responsive or, on the contrary, react with extreme pain. However, external prostate massage is a good everyday exercise and a good way to start your day.

How often should you do the massage?

We recommend to do it this type of massage daily. It will energize your gland for the whole day or will help to relax in the evening. You don’t have to do it if you practice internal prostate massage. We also recommend to do it on days when your prostate relaxes after a previous internal massage session.

This technique is very simple to learn and start using on a daily basis. Try it out and don’t be too pushy with it.

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