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DIY Prostate Massage

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Prostate massage used to be a relatively expensive medical procedure that you had to pay for in order to receive high quality results. However, with the development of the internet, endless opportunities to learn led to a world where we all can enjoy prostate massage done at home without any hassle. It is not that hard to learn what is prostate massage and how to perform it correctly. Before we start our short guide named “DIY: Prostate Massage”, we want to explain why prostate massage is so beneficial.

All men face an inevitability of benign prostate hyperplasia which is a basically an enlargement of the prostate gland. This condition leads to a variety of problems that mostly affect the quality of life but may result in significant complications if left unaddressed. Amongst the most obvious problems caused by BPH:

  • Frequent urination calls accompanied by problems with urination in general. The vast majority of men with BPH also experience nocturia – a condition when you frequently wake up at night to go a bathroom.
  • Further complications like chances to get urinary tract infections as well as higher chances of prostatitis and other types of bacterial invasions.
  • Consequent issues with sexual performance and possible dysfunction including erectile dysfunction and inability to achieve orgasm via penile stimulation.

DIY Prostate Massage

The very existence of problems listed above is the reason why prostate massage is a beneficial procedure that you should consider implementing in your daily routines. There are various prostate massage techniques that you can use depending on which instruments you have and how much time you can devote to the process daily. Let’s talk about some aspects of prostate massage at home.

If you want to learn how to massage the prostate at home, we suggest to read our short guides and purchase a special massager that will dramatically ease the process of massaging. Such devices are big time and effort savers and can be acquired easily online.

  • Every time you want perform a prostate massage session, make all necessary preparations. From preparing a warm room with pillows to a thorough shower, make sure that the process is hygienic and enjoyable.
  • Choose the most appropriate technique. Some men prefer external prostate massage to save time and effort. For some men it is nearly impossible to devote enough time and they have to opt for a less demanding option. Internal prostate massage is undeniably more enjoyable and effective but requires time for preparations and more practice to master the technique.
  • Involve your sexual partner. Prostate milking is a great way to make foreplay more diverse and interesting as well a good way to ensure that the following intercourse is longer and more enjoyable.

All you need to perform high quality pleasurable prostate massage is a good special prostate massage device and a little dedication..


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