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Can Prostate Massage Treat Premature Ejaculation?

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Premature Ejaculation is one of the biggest concern of men all over the world. While some claim that every single condition is treatable or “adjustable”, there are some genuine cases of premature ejaculation usually defined by the ejaculation that happens within 15 seconds with or even without penile stimulation.

However, many men think that they have genuine premature ejaculation which is completely untrue in the vast majority of scenarios. Nevertheless, we cannot disregard the problem just because it is not identified as a medical problem. The social impact of PE is quite big and forces many couples all over the world to experience severe distress caused by problems in their sexual lives. Fixing the issue is very important and in many cases, it can be done fairly easily. One of the answers is prostate massage which helps in many ways. We will discuss two effects of this therapy method for men with PE.

  • Long term effects;
  • Short term effects.

A Useful Trick for Every Man

Prostate massage for premature ejaculation is a perfect way to ensure that your actual intercourse will be much longer than usual. One of the simplest ways to prolong the intercourse is to masturbate or otherwise extract semen via ejaculation before actual coitus. The arousal itself is a natural consequence of one’s desire to expel excess semen from the body. By releasing it preemptively, you make arousal less impactful when it comes to speeding up the ejaculation process.

The ejaculation can be achieved either through masturbation or prostate massage. Both methods are equally effective. However, prostate massage is a technically different procedure that may not involve penile stimulation making it a perfect foreplay and a nice addition to a couple’s arsenal of sexual games.

Many couple all around the world prefer to start every single intercourse with a long foreplay and adopt various prostate massage techniques to bring diversity to their sexual lives. Ejaculating before engaging in sexual activities is a great little trick for every man who wants to last longer.

Benefits in the Long Run

Premature Ejaculation is in many cases a problem of self-control and has strictly psychological roots. Rarely, premature ejaculation is actually related to neurological or physiological problems. This means that improving control over your body is one of the most important priorities for you in the long run. Just like in the gym bodybuilders isolate muscle groups to focus on them, we can single out prostate and its functionality.

Prostate massage for premature ejaculation treatment is a great way to learn more about yourself and how your body behaves when you approach the moment of ejaculation. Study yourself and try to learn how to postpone the sensation for as long as possible. With enough practice, you will become much better at controlling your body during sexual activities.

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