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Benefits of Internal Prostate Massage

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Internal prostate massage is the orthodox method of massaging the prostate gland. This technique ensures nearly direct contact of the massaging instrument and the gland allowing for effective stimulation of the organ and nearby tissues. This is extremely beneficial if you want to achieve notable results in a short amount of time.

Another commonly used technique is external prostate massage. If you want to know what is a prostate massage conducted externally, you will have to go through a lot of articles. There are various methods of external massage. In some cases, the massage is performed by pressing on the area in the abdomen. In other methods, the gland is reached through the tissues under the scrotum.

Unlike internal prostate massage, external techniques are used more as a preemptive therapy that does not provide immediate relief and cannot be used as a form of sexual activity. External prostate massage is by no means a useless trick, but if you are truly interested in keeping yourself healthy, you will opt for internal prostate massage. Ejaculation achieved via this method is also very beneficial.

Internal prostate massage

Let’s Talk benefits

It is hard to ignore the benefits of internal prostate massage. From preventing the growth of the gland to improving one’s sexual performance, prostate massage has a lot of interesting applications and can help to counteract a lot of health problems including diseases like prostatitis and chronic pelvic pain. However, there are also small benefits that some people may not be aware of and we will talk exactly about those little merits of internal prostate massage.

  • Treating PE. Premature ejaculation is one of the most concerning problems for many men. This issue is not that easy to fix. Drugs that are offered in the market have a very low success rate and provide only a small nominal improvement. Regular prostate massage helps to take ejaculation reflex under control and teach you how to postpone the ejaculation.
  • Reaching orgasm when other methods do not work. Men who use various types of prescription drugs that may affect sexuality know the struggle related to inability of reaching orgasm via penile stimulation. Masturbation becomes a tiring chore and brings no satisfaction. Prostate orgasm is a more reliable technique.
  • Energizing your body. Prostate massage is a good way to start your day from time to time. It is a very good procedure that will relief stress and help to spend the day with a smile on your face. While some believe that the procedure is messy and requires a lot of preparations, it takes way less time if you have some practice.


Internal prostate massage provides you with a lot of benefits both in terms of your physical health and sexuality. If you want to live a richer and healthier life, be sure to implement internal prostate massage in your life.


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