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3 Things to Make Your Prostate Gland Healthier!

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I’m an avid student of three seemingly unrelated to each other disciplines: Ayurveda, herbalism, and physiology. I’ve spent a big portion of my life learning medicine, lifestyle, and how they affect men’s health. While prostate is certainly not the only thing that bothers my mind, I pay lots of attention to various ways of treating BPH, prostatitis, and prostate cancer. I read about new prostate supplements, I visit various conferences, and I love learning new stuff.

However, I feel that there is a big misconception about what the role of the prostate gland is and how you can preserve its functionality. There are dozens of reasons to include prostate supplements in your diet. There are dozens of reasons to not do it. You can start working out like a crazy man tomorrow in order to prevent your gland from growing. You can make things worse by increasing the amount of time you spend in a gym.

While many things are like double-edged swords and have downsides as well as upsides, there are three things that frequently help in maintaining your prostate gland healthy. I want to focus your attention on certain techniques and methods which may increase the efficiency of your main treatment strategy. Note that suggested hereby methods are only additives and should not be treated as standalone treatment methods. When a doctor prescribes for you a set of alpha-blockers, you should definitely start taking them. However, you may also add to your daily routine some non-conventional things.

Prostate Supplements in General.

Over last two decades, men became more aware of dangers that an ever growing prostate gland can bring to the table. At the same time, the sharks of the pharmaceutical industry decided to prey on us and started developing and releasing one prostate supplement after another. The worst thing here is that some of them are literally useless and provide from little to know effect. To make them justice, they are usually completely harmless.

Nonetheless, effective supplements exist. Interestingly, those drugs that actually work rarely contain ground-breaking compounds and newly discovered ingredients. Quite the contrary, the overwhelming majority of modern prostate supplements is formed with drugs that are based on natural ingredients, extracts, and herbs that many cultures have been using for centuries.

While I’m certainly not the biggest fan of simple herbal potions and Ayurveda, I’m not by any means an ignorant person. I have spent years to explain why it is important to look after your prostate gland. One of my core philosophies is that physiology is your number one priority, properly selected medications – your number two priority, and prostate supplements alongside other non-conventional methods should be only your third most important priority.

This does not mean that you are supposed to ignore them altogether and focus on other things, but do not think that prostate supplements are a miraculous panacea that will fix your problems. They are merely an aid to your efforts channeled against that inevitable moment when you are diagnosed with BPH.

Priority number 1. Physiology.

There are various aspects of physiology that every single man has to focus on in order to live a healthier life and keep his prostate gland in check. While some require professional aid and thorough learning, some things are plain simple and belong to common sense. Let’s tart from them.

  • Live healthily. This is something that I emphasize each time I speak to my friends, relatives, and readers. It is highly important to take a good care of your body. Make sure that you eat well, exercise regularly, and maintain high level of personal hygiene. The latter is especially important if you want to avoid bacterial prostatitis.
  • Eat less animal protein. This is a subtler advice that I often give to people I know. For some reason, there is a correlation between the primary type of protein that you consume and the rate of the growth of the prostate gland. Those men who eat more soy and wheat protein are less likely to develop BPH early.
  • Ejaculate as often as possible. Maintaining a sexual life that allows you to have a normal intercourse 20-30 times per month is quite hard. However, you need to ejaculate at least 20 times per month to reduce your chances of getting BPH. Masturbation and prostate milking are also good ways to remove liquids from your prostate gland.
  • Implement prostate massages in your routine. Regular prostate massage sessions help to keep your prostate gland in a vigorous state and maintain intense blood circulation in the area to ensure that your gland is well nurtured.

These simple procedures will make sure that your organism is healthy and that your prostate gland does not grow uncontrollably. Now, when you live like a healthy man, let’s talk about medications.

Priority number 2. Drugs.

When you are diagnosed with BPH, one of the most efficient things to start using is a course of alpha-blockers. Over the course of decades, clinical tests proved that alpha-blockers are the most efficient prescribed drugs when it comes to reducing the size of the gland. They are even used together with other types of drugs to treat prostate cancer during the watchful waiting phase of treatment.

There is not much else to say. You can try using Cialis to keep your erection strong while reducing the symptoms of BPH. There are experimental drugs and some medications that may be prescribed by your doctor. I highly recommend to follow the instructions given to you by your doctor. Regardless of how strongly you believe in the effectiveness of non-conventional medicine, prescription drugs are resultative.

Priority number 3. Prostate Supplements.

As mentioned above, the vast majority of truly effective drugs are based on things that humanity knows for centuries. All basic treatment techniques explored by Ayurveda specialists and herbalists are usually quite effective and can be used by pharmacologists to create resultative efficient drugs. Throughout my “career” of an explorer of techniques that help men to live healthily, I could not (obviously) test all of the drugs myself or even gather information from sources that I personally can believe.

However, I managed to study and test lots of drugs. I’m going to talk only about drugs that I personally tried or studied extensively otherwise. I also won’t talk about dozens of supplements that are scattered all over the market. Some of them may be good, but I simply cannot test all of them!

Prostate supplements that I found to be efficient are usually based on extracts known in China, Tibet, South America, India, etc. Surprisingly, some of drugs that are marketed as modern breakthroughs in the industry and produced by leading European and American brands are actually “rip offs” of things that are invented by Chinese herbalists or Indian doctors practicing Ayurveda. Note that I’m not saying that these drugs are bad. The marketing is lacking in my opinion.

Prostate supplements should become a very important part of your BPH treatment strategy. When they back up effective prescribed drugs and aid a strong body, the results are inevitable. You can change your life dramatically and postpone BPH related issues.

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